Realm Makers Highlights: Part 2

It’s good to have a Tribe.

Have you ever been to a writers conference? They are full of wonderful people coming together to learn valuable information. Realm Makers is more than that.

Realmies are a family.

Every heart wonders, “Who are my people, and how is it like us to live?” When we all come together at Realm Makers, that restless longing can rest a little and thrive in an environment of like-minded dreamers who want to help each other craft our dreams into reality.

We support one another, learn from one another, and just have fun together. Last post I highlighted some of the lessons I learned in the sessions – like developing a creative closet and seeking joy no matter the outcome.

Now here are some relational highlights from the best conference ever:

  • getting to meet my fearless Ninja Leader – Nadine Brandes … an undercover pirate?

    20160729_210526 (2)
    Steve Laube, Kathy Ide, and Nadine Brandes – for the first ever Excellence in Editing Award!
  • being prime minion to the fabulous Kathy Tyers during her Worldbuilding sessions
  • sitting for a long, informative chat with the world’s most interesting accountant – Chris Morris, CPA
  • spending time with my awesome friend and walking fandom hub – Teddi Deppner
  • seeing my ever-popular friend Katie Grace
  • reconnecting with the lovely Esther Wallace
  • finding fellow Hoosiers and Taylor grads – “Taylor people are everywhere!”
  • smiling at Ben Wolf and his red trousers and at Tosca Lee and her bacon
  • And… of course, admiring the fantastic Minors, Scott and Becky. Without them, we wouldn’t have Realm Makers.

I could keep going, but I’ll stop so you can follow the links and check out some of these People of Awesomeness.

Join us next year in Reno with Ted Dekker! 🙂

Have you been to a conference that you consider your Tribe? Tell me about it in the comments! 🙂

RM16Collage (2)

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