Realm Makers 2016!

This week finds me at my favorite conference for writers: Realm Makers.

Yes, it’s just like it sounds. This is a conference for geeks. And we’re proud of it! 🙂

Realm Makers is a place where Christian writers (and editors and agents, etc.) of speculative fiction gather to encourage and learn from one another. Everyone from the unpublished to the New York Times Best Seller attends this conference, ready to hone or pass on their skills.

I’ve been counting down the days since last year’s Realm Makers ended. I’m so excited it’s finally here!

Next post, I’ll process through some of my takeaways from the conference. For now, though, follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on all the fun and learning!

In honor of my Beauty and the Beast novel, I’m traveling with a special mascot. 



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