Are you serious about your love of storytelling? Do you want to get better at it? Bring a friend and make some new ones at my nine-week, creative writing workshops.


Open to students in junior high and high school, my workshops take place in the Indianapolis area, once a week for nine weeks. These workshops function as critique groups, so each workshop has a limit of sixteen students.

If you choose to join one of my workshops, what can you expect? Most workshops start after school and last for one hour. Over the course of the nine weeks, we will learn the story craft by walking through a story outline, developing students’ individual stories as we go. We will study plot and character development, narrative and dialogue, and overall writing style. As we learn the art of critique, we will practice it as a whole class and also in groups of three or four for peer editing.

The goal of a nine-week workshop is not to have a perfect story on the first go. Like any skill (sports, music, etc), writing requires guidance and lots of practice to become good. If you treat these workshops as you would soccer practice or voice lessons, you’ll discover more freedom in your writing.

If you are interested in hosting a nine-week workshop at your school or local library, contact me here. If you are interested in attending one of my workshops, contact me here. Please be sure to specify your intent.

A nine-week workshop is $150 a student, and it includes a workbook and my professional eye on each student’s developing story. My goal is to build competence and confidence in each workshop member. If a student chooses to take a year’s worth of workshops (four nine-week sessions), their price will only be $100 per nine weeks.


Not in Indianapolis, but still want a workshop? Bring me to you for a weekend seminar, and I can help you jump start or rejuvenate your creative writing club. Contact me here for details.