Greetings, traveler!

Do you need a fresh perspective on your manuscript? Do you have a great writing group, but you need someone with an eye on the details? Are you ready to take the step up toward publishing and need a full edit? I’m your girl!

Are you a beginning writer in junior high or high school who’s looking for more than a composition class can teach you? See my Young Authors page!

So, what kind of edits can I give you?


  1. The Writer’s Block: No edits here, this is just a critique on your writing and on your story. I will write a critique (averaging at 10+ single-spaced pages) starting with a summary of how I understand the primary content, moving on to critiquing areas in need of improvement and areas of excellence, looking at things like hook, plot, setting, characters, voice, dialogue, description, believability, and grammar. Especially good for new writers, this is for those with manuscripts in flux, who aren’t looking for edits to the text so much as encouragement and suggestions about the story so far.
    The Turnaround Time: 4-6 weeks
  2. The Spring Cleaning: This is your run-of-the-mill proofread and copy edit or line edit. I roll them together, because, frankly, if I’m putting ink to paper (so to speak) I can’t resist giving you more than just one type of edit. Here I look at the grammar and flow of the basic content. I hunt for typos, adjust formatting and punctuation, ask clarifying questions, smooth out sentences and transitions, and make basic suggestions on craftsmanship. This is for writers who have finished manuscripts that need polished.
    The Turnaround Time: 6-8 weeks
  3. The One Ring: The edit to rule them all. My favorite. This is the full edit, the one where we get to jump into the trenches together and get completely immersed in your manuscript. I almost called it the Fangirl Edit, because here is where I really get to be excited about your story. I’ll work with you from the 30,000-foot perspective to the 3-foot perspective. This is for the writer who wants it all.The One Ring works in three phases.
    1. Phase One: Once we have established a timeline via the quote, I will work through your manuscript on my own, working on a content edit and critique. I will then return your manuscript with revisions (using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes) and comments (anywhere from 100 – 500 depending on the length and quality of the manuscript) and a critique (see The Writer’s Block).
    2. Phase Two: You take the revisions and suggestions I’ve made and work on a second draft of your story. (In teaching terms, you turned in a rough draft and now you’re working on the final draft.) During this time, you may correspond with me for clarifying questions and some brainstorming, but the pen is now in your hand.
    3. Phase Three: When you have completed your edits, you turn in your final draft (so to speak) to me, and I will polish it for you with a line edit (see Spring Cleaning).
      The Turnaround Time: 6-8 weeks for phase one, 2-4 weeks for phase three


      1. The Writer’s Block: .005/ word
        ($500 for 100,000 words)
      2. The Spring Cleaning: .01 – .02 cents/ word
        ($1,000 – $2,000  for a 100,000 words)
      3. The One Ring: .02 – .03 cents/ word
        ($2,000 – $3,000 for a 100,000 words)

Contact me to set up a quote. For any quote, I ask for the full manuscript so I can get an overview of what I’ll be working with. I’ll edit the first five pages* according to the type of edit you choose, so you can decide if you like how I edit. From there, we’ll work together on a plan for schedule and payment.

*Unless otherwise specified, a “page” for me is always 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.


Please contact me for a quote. Quoted payment is to be made within 10 days after submission. Larger works can be divided into installments paid in advance of each section of work. I won’t release the full edits/ critique to you until I’ve been paid.